Submodule 2 – Communication and collaboration

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This section of the first module aims to educate students about the use of digital tools for personal and professional communication and collaboration, active participation in the community, effective and efficient communication, and broadening networks. 

Submodule 2.1. focuses on defining what digital communication and collaboration are in order to understand their use and benefits. 

In submodule 2.2. students learn about means of digital communication such as online learning platforms, file sharing, social media, and group chats.

Submodule 2.3  deals with means of digital collaborations such as online meetings and webinars, online team communication platforms, co-authoring documents and shared spreadsheets, designing websites and platforms. The benefits of digital collaboration reflect productivity, creativity, time management, and successful outcomes.

Finally, in submodule 2.5, students will learn how to use canals of digital communication and collaboration, understand why it is important to build secure use of digital tools, and create a life-work balance.


The aim of this module is to show students how to collaborate and communicate online, reinforce any digital skills they may lack, and raise their awareness of the importance of online communication and collaboration in modern times. 

By the end of this submodule, learners will: 

  • Define collaboration and communication in the digital world.
  • Understand the importance of digital tools for active participation in their communities.
  • Know the difference between digital tools for personal and social purposes.
  • Develop skills for more efficient and effective communication and collaboration. 
  • Know the benefits of digital collaboration for connecting to a broader network of participants and cross-sector collaboration.
  • Adapt effective communication and breaking communication barriers.
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Course Includes

  • 4 Lessons
  • 3 Topics
  • 1 Quiz