Submodule 5 – Problem solving

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In this section we will focus on how educators in adult education can effectively teach the essential skills required for identifying needs and problems and find solutions in digital environments. We will also touch upon identifying digital competence gaps and opportunities for self-development. 

In “Lesson 5.1: Solving technical problems” we will focus on identifying technical problems when operating devices and using digital environments, identifying simple solutions to solve them and applying different solutions to technical problems when operating devices. The trainers/educators will be introduced to the main functions of the most common digital devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) and will know some reasons why a digital device my fail. 

In “Lesson 5.2: Identifying needs and technological responses” we will focus on assessing the needs and identifying them, we will introduce online shopping as a way of technological response of making shopping easier. Trainers/educators will be introduced to technical approaches that can improve the inclusiveness and accessibility of digital content and services (tools such as magnification of zoom and text to voice functionality. We will briefly touch upon the artificial intelligence. 

In “Lesson 5.3: Identifying digital competence gap” we will focus on identifying digital competence gaps. Trainers/Educators will learn to understand where one’s own digital competence needs to be improved or updated. They will also learn about the digital competence assessment tool and where to seek opportunities for self-development. 


The aim of this submodule is to equip trainers/educators in adult education with the necessary knowledge and skills to teach their learners about problem solving. They will know how to guide their learners to identify their needs and problems and find solutions for them, identify their competences gap and find opportunities for self-development. 

By the end of this submodule, learners will: 

  • Know how to identify simple technical problems when operating devices and find simple solutions to solve them. 
  • Know how to apply different solutions to technical problems when operating. 
  • Be able to identify needs and recognise simple digital tools and possible technological responses to solve those needs. 
  • Have the knowledge to choose simple ways to adjust and customise digital environments to personal needs. 
  • Understand the importance of self-development to keep up to date with digital evolution.
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