Module 2 – Gamification for adult education

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In this section of the second module, we will focus on gamification for adult education.

Module.2.1 – Introduction to Gamification: The first submodule includes fundamentals of gamification. This module contains an explanation of the difference between games and gamification. Gamification is explained from the instructional point of view in this module.

Module.2.2 – Gamification and Andragogy: The second submodule includes basic principles of andragogy. It consists of an explanation of how we should integrate the principles of andragogy and gamification ideas. Moreover, adults’ needs and wants in an educational context are explained in this submodule. 

Module.2.3 – Gamification Design: The third submodule includes the introduction of gamification mechanics and components. Further, gamification design principles are explained.

Module.2.4 – Gamification Tools: Within the scope of submodule 4, tools that enable gamification to be implemented have been introduced. These tools were examined in five categories: Gamified apps which have content, Gamified LMSs, Gamification plug-ins in LMS, Digital gamification tools,  Non-digital tools. This submodule contains information for learners to select the appropriate tools for their subject areas, needs, and target audiences.

Module.2.5 – Good Examples from Adult Education: In the fifth submodule, good examples from adult education are shared. The examples are examined in terms of gamification and andragogy principles.


In this module, it is aimed to inform educators about how to apply gamification in their lessons. By the end of this module, learners will be able to: 

  • define gamification
  • explain the difference between games and gamification
  • comprehend the theoretical background of instructional gamification
  • understand the basic principles of andragogy
  • explain game elements and mechanics
  • be aware of the gamification tools
  • design a gamified adult learning environment
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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz